The top 5 ways to keep the weight off during your holiday

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The top 5 ways to keep the weight off during your holiday

At this time of year, a lot of us are away on holidays. As well as some gifts and souvenirs, we often return with a few unwanted kilos. So if you are travelling or plan to go away, here are my top 5 practical and personal tips to keep the weight off during your vacation:

1. Walk everywhere

One of my favourite pastimes – not only will this help burn some calories, it’s easy, saves you money and is the best way to take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the place you are visiting. So make sure you pack some comfortable shoes and hit the streets – aim for an hour or two every day.

2. Stay active

As well as walking, make sure you keep moving on your trip. If there is a beach, go swimming. No beach, then see if your hotel has a gym or pool you can use. What about hiring a bike and going for a ride? Check out the local activities such as trekking, climbing, snorkelling or playing the local sports. Not only will you experience everything the new destination has to offer, you will burn some calories while having heaps of fun.

3. Eat a big breakfast

The most important meal of the day – if you plan on being active and running around then kickstart your day right with a big healthy breakfast. This will give you the energy you need for whatever you have planned. And pack some healthy snacks you can have along the way too.

4. Easy on the buffets and alcohol

Buffets can be a minefield and it is all too easy to have a drink too many when you are away relaxing. So when hitting the buffet, use a small plate and wait 20 minutes before going for seconds. The best thing about being in a new place is trying the local cuisine so look out for fruit and veggies you wouldn’t normally have at home and really tickle your tastebuds

Enjoy your drinks but make sure you have a glass of water for every alcoholic one to stay hydrated and avoid feeling seedy the next day (and ruining your day).

5. Indulge now and then

Always remember you are on holidays and are there to enjoy yourself so make sure you do indulge yourself now and then – have a dessert, go for a massage, buy yourself something you love and most of all, have a safe and wonderful time.