The top 5 benefits of group training

The top 5 benefits of group training

As I am ready to launch small group training classes in the next few weeks, I thought it was timely to write a blog on some of the unique benefits you get when you train with others.

1. Motivation and support

This is the big one – training on your own can get a little boring and you often don’t train as hard as you can as there is no one there to keep an eye on you and encourage you to work harder.

Also unlike a big class where everyone races for the back, there’s nowhere to hide when you are part of a small group so you’ll be more motivated and driven to push yourself harder!

As well as the instructor, you have the group dynamics, energy and support of the other participants plus there is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to spur you into action.

2. Get more personal attention

When I teach a big class, it is almost impossible to give everyone the attention they want. There is limited opportunity for me to find out how every single person is feeling. But with small group training, you get more attention and more personal advice to help you train more effectively and safely.

3. Value for money

Small group training gives you all the benefits of a personal trainer at a more cost efficient rate – it is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Plus you often get a lot of extra add ons too (just check out my 8 week program to see what I mean).

4. Variety

It can be all too easy to fall into the pattern of doing the same workout week in week out. The problem with this is that our body gets used to the routine and you reach a plateau with your fitness.

There is an endless variety in group fitness sessions, from cardio, HIIT, strength, boxing, core and Pilates – no two sessions are the same. That way you never get bored plus you keep each workout challenging and enjoyable.

5. Fun!

Yes fun – small group training sessions are a lot more fun than just running on a treadmill or around the block on your own. I challenge you to try and ‘out plank’ or hit a boxing pad with your friend without smiling and laughing. When you enjoy exercise, it really doesn’t seem like much of a chore and you are more likely to stick with it and reach your fitness goals in no time at all.