The top 5 ways to avoid putting on weight over Xmas

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The top 5 ways to avoid putting on weight over Xmas

Coming into the silly season, this always seems to be one of the best times to put on weight (and I always seem to add a kilo or two during this time too).

So how can you still enjoy Christmas and New Year without looking like Santa Claus at the end? Here are my personal and practical top 5 tips to keeping trim, taut and terrific over Christmas and New year:

1. Make sure you drink water for every alcoholic drink 

This is a great tip not just for Xmas but for anytime of the year which I follow religiously. For every wine or beer you have, make sure you drink a glass of water as well. Trust me this keeps you hydrated and is one of the best ways to minimise those cracking hangovers the next day. The other advantage is it keeps you feeling full so you are less inclined to tuck into the snacks.

2. Have something to eat before you go to a party

I just recently was invited to a 40th birthday party – I hadn’t eaten much during the day so when I arrived, I was ready to chew my arm off. After we were seated and waiting for the entrees, I wondered how much nutrition the napkins on the table had.

When the food started to arrive, you guessed it I wolfed it down (especially the bread) – by the time dinner was over, I had those dreadful stomach pains when I knew I had eaten way beyond what I should have.

We have all been in that position so make sure you have some fruit or something light to keep the hunger pangs at bay and to save you feeling like your tummy is about to explode from overeating.

3. Don’t accept every party invitation 

As I teach at a number of gyms in Sydney, I find myself invited to all of their Christmas parties. If I went to every one, I would probably look like the Michelin Man by the end. So I go to very few parties so I don’t have too many late nights and get a good nights sleep. Don’t be afraid to say no to some parties so you make it through the holidays without burning the candles at both ends.

4. Keep your training routine up

It is a shame this is the time of year when gyms reduce their classes and close their doors as this is the time to be training more than ever to make up for the extra food and drinks we usually have. So make sure you keep your training up and stay active.  If you don’t belong to a gym, then go for a swim, take a big walk (especially after Christmas dinner to reduce bloating), play some sports or go on a bike ride.

5. Go easy on the fatty foods.

If you are like me, you may have more than one big meal on Christmas Day (I have lunch with my parents and dinner with my partner’s family who are Greek – oh boy my stomach is already heaving at the thought). So if you are in the same position, try to limit the fatty foods such as pork crackling, ham and desserts and be more generous with the veggies, fruit and salads. Give yourself half an hour before having seconds and drink plenty of water to keep you feeling full.