Types of Training

What type of training do you want to do?


Personal training is a personal business, so you can make the choice as to what type of training you would like to do:


  • Circuit cross training using functional aerobics, strength and core moves,
  • Strength training using weights to build lean muscle and add definition to your body,
  • “Step into life” – plyometric, strength and cardio exercises using the step box,
  • “Get some balls” workout – using BOSU & stability balls to carve your abs & improve your stability,
  • Resistance bands sessions – increase strength, tone and flexibility using resistance bands,
  • High intensity interval training – the most efficient and effective way to super charge your fitness,
  • In home training – workouts designed to be done in the comfort of your own home,
  • Outdoor gym training – using park fitness stations to get an intense workout in the great outdoors,
  • Boxing –  a complete body workout guaranteed to improve your speed, agility and endurance,
  • Remember the days of the old schoolyard – elastics, skipping, hopscotch, handball, hula hoop
  • Kettle bell workouts – build muscles, get lean and increase your power,
  • Local gym sessions – visit the gym to focus on using weights, equipment and machines,
  • Walk, jog or run – shuttle or hill running, short intervals or long sessions – work all your leg & butt muscles,
  • Pilates – focus on better posture, core control, improved mobility, strength and breathing capacity,
  • “Stairway to Hell” – stair workouts to kick your butt into action,
  • Anyone for tennis? – a great cardiovascular and muscle workout – challenge you mind and body.