Results may come down to 30% exercise and 70% eating well, but it is 100% dedication to both which really holds the key in reaching your fitness goals.


Sometimes we all need that extra push to get us going and stay focused on our goals. Whether you need a mentor, friend or coach – I will ensure you keep challenging to keep changing for the better so you achieve your personal best.


How I can help you

  • Help set short and long-term goals which are measurable and attainable
  • Help you break your bad habits and build good habits into your routine
  • Do regular reviews to measure your progress and to ensure you stay on track
  • Schedule Skype sessions (if you are unable to make it face-to-face) to keep your training and momentum going
  • Develop time management and organisational skills so you have the time to exercise and eat right


Because my goal is making sure you reach yours – one step at a time.