The top 5 signs you need to find a new personal trainer

The top 5 signs you need to find a new personal trainer

If you are using a personal trainer or attending training classes, then you expect a certain level of standards. They should be fully qualified, professional, have done numerous courses, be knowledgable and understanding.

So when is it time to move on and find a new personal trainer? Well read my top 5 tips on the signs that is it time you need to look for someone else to help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Workouts are always the same

If you are doing the same workout every week with little or no change, then it may be time to look around.

Training sessions should be a variety of both strength, cardio, sports and core work. There are so many different exercises you can do and there is no end of fitness equipment that can be used. Think weights, TRX, medicine balls, dumbbells, agility ladder, powerbags, tyres, boxing, well you get the idea. If you are doing the same workout all the time, not only will you get bored but you won’t see any improvements as your body gets used to the same routine.

Your exercise program should be tailored to fit your unique fitness level and goals. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, increase flexibility or lose fat, reaching these goals require specific exercises.

It is highly unlikely the same sessions will be used for a young 20 something year old male who wants to start bodybuilding and a 30 something year old mother returning to training after having her third chid. If your trainer doesn’t tweak the sessions to fit your goals, it’s time to find a new trainer.

2 Your personal trainer doesn’t care

Does your trainer look at their watch more than you? Do they check their mobile phone all the time rather than check your form? Do they spend more time looking in the mirror admiring their physique than critiquing your form?

When a personal trainer tells you do to something then doesn’t pay attention to you, then what is the point of having them there in the first place? You are paying for their expertise and their undivided attention. A good trainer should be watching you like a hawk and correcting your form, not texting and conversing with others while you do pushups and burpees.

3. The sessions are too hard or too easy

Personal trainers have a variety of clients who are at all different levels of fitness. A good trainer will modify the workouts so they are challenging but manageable for each client.

But if you find the sessions are too intense or complicated or you finish a session barely breaking a sweat, then you have to ask whether you are getting value for money.

If you are being pushed past your physical limits or the workout leaves you injured, perpetually sore, or overly exhausted, you need to ask them to modify the routine. If they refuse or just tell you to push through the pain, you need to find a new trainer who will respect your limits and challenge you in a safe way.

4. Sessions start late or finish early

If your trainer is always running late, regularly cancels your sessions or consistently finishes the sessions before your time is up, then you have to wonder if they have poor time management skills or whether they have something better to do. To me this is highly unprofessional and is a deal breaker – if this is happening to you, time to move on.

5. You are not seeing any results

At the end of the day, you are paying for results and if you are not seeing any progress or change, then you should discuss this with your trainer to see if they can still help you reach your goals.

Now to be fair, it may not be their fault – if you are eating crap food or leading an unhealthy lifestyle, it doesn’t matter how great your PT is, you are going to undo all their good work. But if you are eating well and doing all the right things, maybe it is time to try someone new. Or if you are just stuck in a rut, then perhaps you should look around to see if someone else can help you make better progress and help you achieve your fitness goals sooner.