Personal Training

Number 1 Personal Training Service In Erskineville, Newtown, Camperdown, Alexandria and Marrickville.


As a leading group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I know how important exercise is – especially if you spend most of the day sitting down.


I have seen a lot of fitness trends come and go so when I workout, I focus on the basics especially those which have been around for years and years as there is a reason why they have been used for so long – they are safe and work!


I focus on three main areas when it comes to exercise, weight training, cardiovascular training and core conditioning. Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or just feel and look better, you need these three areas in your workout schedule to ensure a balanced training program to give you the best results.


How I can help you?

  • Provide personalised personal training sessions which cater for your level of fitness
  • Support your plans to get fit for a short-term goal or activity
  • Ensure proper technique and form when exercising to keep the moves safe and effective
  • Educate you on all aspects of health, fitness and exercise
  • Keep you accountable and ensure you commit and stick to your fitness goals
  • Provide you with the right nutritional advice to achieve your goals
  • Challenge you in a way that a friend or family member might not