The best 5 ways to stay motivated during lockdown

The best 5 ways to stay motivated during lockdown

With options limited when it comes to training, this does tend to add an extra challenge to reaching whatever your fitness goals are. Though it may be challenging, it’s not impossible. There are some ways to help you stay motivated during lockdown. So if you are finding it a struggle to get motivated to train, then read on!

1. Set goals and track your progress

Before you get started, think about why you want to start. Having a goal gives you direction, purpose and motivation when exercising.

When you set your goals, make sure they are achievable, can be measured, are realistic and don’t forget to set a timeframe. And think about what your real reason is for achieve those goals. For example, some goals could be to:

• Lose 5 kilos to fit into those old clothes (and to save you a fortune in buying a new wardrobe)
• Improve your fitness so you have more energy for the day
• Start a running program so you can compete in your first City to Surf
• Strengthen your muscles so you look and feel better
• Walk 10,000 steps a day to stay active and improve your mental health

The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you keep track on your progress. As you start to see those small improvements, this will only spur you to keep going on your journey.

2. Tell everyone about it

Don’t keep your goals to yourself – tell your family and friends. Make sure your loved on are onboard so they will encourage you to stay on course so you achieve those goals.

Your fitness journey could even act as an incentive to other family members and friends to start exercising themselves. When they see your progress, this may kickstart them to join in with you.

3. Stick to a regular training schedule

No matter what type of exercises you are doing, keep it consistent. Aim for 3 to 4 times a week rather than 5 times one week and once the next.

To help you stay on track, I would suggest training at the same time each day. If you are going to be busy at work, aim for first thing in the morning. If you can’t drag yourself out of bed, consider during the day or after work.

There is no right or wrong time, only what is right for you.

4. Buddy up

Finding a friend to partner with is a terrific way to keep you motivated and accountable! Plus how guilty you’ll feel if you decide to bail out?

This is why I have always loved group fitness classes; it ensures I am training harder than what I would if I was on my own. Plus having 20 to 40 eyes on me, keeps me on my toes.

With gyms shut, I run twice a week with a friend of mine – I find if I am going slow, she will push me to go faster and when she is finding it tough, I can drive her to keep going and finish strong.

If you can’t find anyone, consider using a personal trainer – an almost guaranteed way you will turn up – after all, you’ve put your money on the line.

5. Find something you enjoy and have fun

When you are deciding what sort of exercise to do, make sure it is something you are going to enjoy. If not, you are simply not going to do it and will think of any excuses not to do it.

Try not to do the same thing week in, week out as you will soon get bored (plus the results start to dimmish too as the body adapts to the exercise).

Consider doing something completely new you have never done before, you may be surprised how much fun it is.

Whether it is hiking, running, weights, boxing or swimming, choose something that not only will challenge your fitness, but something you look forward too.

And an extra tip….

It is all too easy to be unmotivated during this time – it happens to me too.

So take a step back and look at the big picture – these restrictions will start to lift (they have to). Plus Spring has arrived and the warmer weather is on its way. This is the best time to starting training as you will be feeling and looking your best when Summer arrives.

Think back to those fitness goals you made at the start of the year – time to dust them off and think what you need to do to achieve them. There is still over three months till the end of the year – you can still achieve those goals before the start of 2022.