The top 5 ways to stop the spread of the Coronavirus Kilos!

The top 5 ways to stop the spread of the Coronavirus Kilos!

If you are like me, you may have found yourself having gained a few unwanted kilos over Coronavirus lockdown. With being less active, drinking and eating more than usual, more home delivery and coming into the colder weather, it is no wonder why a lot of people are carrying a little extra weight.

So if you are having trouble fitting back into your work clothes, these are my top 5 guaranteed ways to lose the Coronavirus kilos you can start right now!

1 Portion control

This is often the biggest reasons people put on weight – eating way too much than you need too!

The problem often starts before the food goes onto your plate. Plate sizes have only got bigger over the years (just compare the size of plates today with antique plates and cups). And if like me, you have had it drummed into you to eat everything on your plate, well that is a recipe for eating too much.

So what can you do right now to reduce the amount you eat?

Halve the amount of food you normally eat – wait 30 minutes to see if you are still hungry before having seconds
• Eat your meals on a smaller plate
• Take your time when eating – put your fork and knife after every third mouthful
• Drinks lot of water
• Never go hungry to a social event
• Eat a big healthy breakfast, a good lunch and a small dinner – eat more food when you need the most energy

2. Get moving

It was tough to exercise with all the restrictions but now, no excuses. Gyms are back open, outdoor bootcamps have the all clear and there is nothing stopping you from training on your own or with a friend.

Not only will this make a big dent in your weight gain, but you will feel better physically and mentally.

So what to do right now?

• Join a gym
• Join an outdoor bootcamp
• Find a personal trainer
• Find a friend to train with
• Think about what exercise you enjoy and start doing it (such as playing tennis, running, hiking, swimming, cycling)
• Join a sporting club
• Make sure you do a combo of strength and cardio training

3. Lose the booze

Yep this often is one that creeps up on you. A drink here, a drink there and before you know it, it becomes habit and something you do every day.

So what to do right now?

Have three to four alcohol free days each week
• Half the amount of alcohol you are consuming on the days you do drink
• Have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have
• Know your limits, recognise when you have had enough – remember how bad a hangover feels.

4. Eat Clean to get Lean

We couldn’t dine out with Coronavirus so we ended up cooking more (often involving a lot of baking judging by my Facebook feed). And judging by how many Uber Eats cyclists were on the road, home delivery was booming.

Both eating a few extra treats and having more home delivery will always lead to tipping the scales, and not in your favour.

So what can you do right now to eat better?

If you are eating out, check out the menu beforehand and make your decision before you go out (and make sure it is a healthy one)
• Try to limit the number of takeaways to twice a week
• Never be afraid to ask wait staff to substitute chips and bread with salads and veggies
• Ask for sauces and dressings on the side so you have better control of how much you use
• If you want to have dessert, order one and halve it with your friend or partner
• Not for everyone, but try fasting a couple of times a week

5. Find your reason

If you have a reason to lose weight, believe it or not, you will have a better chance of actually losing this weight. Whenever your mind starts to falter, go back to your goals and why you are doing this in the first place.

What to do right now:

• Set a positive goal – don’t put a negative spin on it
• Make sure you it is specific, measurable, achievable, within a certain time and realistic
• If you do fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up – just get back on track
• Reward yourself when you do achieve your goals – whether it is a new outfit, a visit to the beauty salon or a massage