The top 5 ways to stick to an exercise routine

The top 5 ways to stick to an exercise routine

It is tough (and brave) to start an exercise routine but it is often harder to stick with it. It is all too common to miss a few sessions, then a few weeks go by. Before you know it, it has been months since you last exercised.

I find people start with the best intentions and are enthusiastic and optimistic but then it becomes all too hard and it is all too easy to just simply throw in the towel.

To help you stay on track, read my top 5 tips on how to stick with a new training program.

1. Start easy

This is crucial – always take baby steps when you begin.

Start too hard or push yourself too much and you will be in a world of hurt which you never will want to go through again! So make sure you go easy, get the basics right and work within your comfort zone. This will minimise the stiffness and soreness and will better prepare you for the next workout.

2. Celebrate the small wins

Often the goals we set are big and it may take months or maybe even a year to reach it. So make sure you have set mini goals and when you reach them, give yourself a reward. Whether it is a massage, a new outfit, a trip to the beauty salon or something you have always wanted, make sure you reward yourself on how far you have come. This will inspire you to keep going on your journey.

3. Train with a friend or a group

I personally find it unmotivating training on my own – this is why when I started training, I participated in group fitness classes. I love training with other people – the energy and passion people bring inspires me plus it motivates me to train harder than I normally would.

Some people stay honest when training on their own but if you feel you slack off or keep skipping training day, then find someone to train with, use a personal trainer or join a group to give you greater accountability and a better chance of succeeding.

4. Find something you enjoy

It doesn’t matter how determined you are, it is going to be so much harder to stick to a training routine if you hate what you do.

Luckily there are so many choices nowadays – whether it is a gym (which usually have a huge range of class styles or you can do your own thing), join an outdoor bootcamp, participate in team sports or hire a personal trainer. Try a variety of options and choose the one you enjoy the most (you are more likely to get the results you want too).

5. Remember why you started in the first place

Last but certainly not least, think about what your goal is and what you want to achieve.

Remember training is not so much a short term sprint but a long term marathon. Sometimes it will be easy and sometimes it is tough but you need to keep going and don’t forget those reasons that motivated you to start. Always let this drive you to finish what you started.