The top 5 biggest fitness trends for 2019

The top 5 biggest fitness trends for 2019

As we come to the end of the year, now is an ideal time to look at what will be the big fitness trends in 2019. So here are my top 5 fitness trends to look out for in the new year.

1. Small Group training

There are so many benefits of group fitness classes. They can be a great way to try a new workout or mix up your routine. There’s also a social aspect—classes can be a fun way to sweat it out with friends or meet new people. Plus, when you sign up for a class, you’re committing to your workout, which can help you stay on track with your routine. Training in a small group (such as  between 5 and 15 people), means you get all the benefits of a personal training session at a fraction of the cost.

2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has made its name as a real fitness game-changer, and there are plenty of studies highlighting its remarkably transformative effects. The results come from going as hard as you can for a short period of time, resting, and then repeating. It’s a formula that allows you to keep reaching your maximum training zone again and again, shocking your body each and every workout. A major appeal of HIT sessions is that they’re an incredibly efficient and effective way to get your cardio in and burn lots of calories without requiring a ton of time. If you want to know more about HIIT, read my previous blog on the top 5 benefits of HIIT.

3. Body weight training

While body weight training has been around for a long time, it’s been re-popularised by the fitness world over the past several years. Body weight training is popular thanks in part to its convenience. There’s no equipment and minimal space required, so they are great for anytime, anywhere workouts. Most body weight exercises are accessible for any fitness level, and they’re often easy to modify, too.

Your own body really is an incredible resistance training tool in its own right. Using your body weight during exercises including push-ups, squats, planks, lunges, and more can be an incredibly challenging and effective way to work your muscles.

4. Strength training

Strength training has been a strong trend and with good reason – it is an extremely important element of any fitness routine. Weight training helps prevent the age-related decline of muscle mass, keeps your bones and heart healthy, and helps prevent pain and injury in everyday life. Muscle mass also plays a role in maintaining a healthy metabolism and gets you looking in great shape.

5. More personal experiences

There seems to be a fitness business on every corner nowadays. There is a fitness business for every need – Mum’s, fitness adventure holidays, seniors, running groups, bootcamps, mind and body – the list is endless. I can only see a greater move away from the big traditional gyms into smaller boutique centres so people have more of an exercise experience rather than just a workout or training session.