The top 5 ways to get the best deal when joining a gym

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The top 5 ways to get the best deal when joining a gym

So you have decided on a fitness centre to join and you are ready to sign up.

But hang on, before you do, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal and not being ripped off.

A lot of fitness businesses don’t make their rates public so it can make it harder to know if you are getting the best deal possible.

I have worked in over 20 gyms around Sydney and I know pretty much all of the tricks of the trade. So read my top 5 personal and practical ways to ensure you are getting the best deal for your dollar.

1. Shop around

There now appears to be a fitness business on every corner which is great for you as it gives you wide selection to choose from so make sure you have the prices of two to three centres. When you decide on which gym to join, mention what the competitors are offering and use it as a bargaining tool. Just as you would shop around for the best deal when buying a car or a TV, prepare to haggle to see if you can drive the price down or get some extra options included.

2. Don’t appear too keen

If you have decided which gym to join, try and stay cool and don’t appear too eager to sign up. Make them think you are still not sure and that you may need a lower price or something extra thrown in to seal the deal.

Also don’t feel pressured to sign up right on the spot if you are not 100% sure. Trust me that once in a lifetime deal which is only available right now, will be available the next time too.

It is like buying a house, never appear desperate – if you appear to be in two minds, see what they can offer to get your over the line.

3. Try to negotiate in person

I know you may not feel comfortable negotiating in person but it does make a difference compared to over the phone or through email. Being in person shows you are serious about joining and it gives you the opportunity to ask any questions on the spot.

You may be spending a lot of money so you want to make sure you are getting everything you want. Also it is often harder for the sales person to say no to a real person sitting right in front of them as opposed to through email.

4. Do you need all the bells and whistles?

Ask if they can reduce the price of a membership by opting out of things you don’t want or need such as access to the crèche, classes, pool, PT sessions, use of towels etc.

Or what if you go in off-peak times when the gym is quieter? See if there are any special rates if can opt out of the extras as you may save a lot of money.

5. Always keep an eye out for specials,

Fitness businesses often have special promotions – how often have you seen ‘Spring Specials’, or ‘New Year, new you!’ offers in January. Look on their web site and see if there are any special deals you can take advantage of. Also become a fan of their Facebook page or other social media channels as they often have exclusive offers for fans of their social media channels which are not available anywhere else.