The top 5 ways to start exercising successfully

The top 5 ways to start exercising successfully

If there are any positives from Coronavirus, it is a lot of people have started exercising for the first time after a long time. But before you start running, jumping or lifting, there are a few things you should consider. So here are my top 5 ways to start exercising successfully and safely.

1. Get the all clear

1. If you’re new to exercise or starting an exercise program and have any pre-existing conditions or injuries, it’s important to see your doctor beforehand to get the all clear. You also may want to engage a personal trainer or coach to ensure you are moving correctly with good technique.

2. Find your reason

You’re more likely to stick with a new behaviour if it’s linked to something you really value in life. Ask yourself “how will exercise make my life better in a meaningful way?” It might be to help you overcome depression and get your life back on track, to gain more energy for your kids or to improve your general health for a longer life. And don’t forget to monitor your progress – it’s so rewarding to track your progress towards a specific goal. It makes every exercise session feel purposeful.

3. Start small

And I mean really small. Just add five per cent to what you’re currently doing. If you’re stuck on the couch, just walking in your street each day is a great start. The last thing you want to do is go too hard too soon and derail your efforts.

4. Make it part of your routine

Timetable your exercise into your weekly schedule so you aren’t relying as much on willpower. Once you’re in a routine, it’ll be easier to keep going. Make a commitment to others – you’re less likely to opt out if you have a friend or team relying on you to be there. Or even join a small group training program so you have that extra motivation from others to stay on track.

5. Do something you enjoy

Exercise doesn’t have to be serious. If you hate running or going to the gym, you’re unlikely to keep it up. Find an activity you enjoy (or at least don’t dislike) and you are more likely to keep doing it for the long-term.

And as a final note, if you are starting off, it is important to remember to be kind to yourself and try not to be too self-critical. The hardest part is getting started so once you make the decision to begin, you are already half way there.