The top 5 reasons to start exercising right now

The top 5 reasons to start exercising right now

Spring is here and this is often the time when people start thinking about exercising and getting in better shape. I find that during the colder months, eating right and exercise can take a back seat. No wonder we often find we have gained a little bit of Winter weight. But it is never too late to start on that Summer body you have always dreamed of! There are plenty of reasons to start your fitness journey now and continue on into the future. Here are five reasons why you should start exercising right now!

1. It’s never too late!

So you dropped the ball over Winter – don’t beat yourself up as it happens to the best of us. The weather is cold and it seems that after work all you want to do is cuddle up with a blanket and chill out. The first thing to remember is it is never too late to start! The sooner you start the sooner you will be looking and feeling your best and ready for swimsuit season.

2. Reduce stress

Exercise is a terrific stress reliever. If you are feeling worn out and mentally exhausted then this is all the more reason to start exercising now. Work out the stresses of the day by doing some physical activity. There is no better way to relax than after a hard workout, and you will feel all the better for it, inside and out.

3. Improve your mental health

Poor physical health can often lead to mental health issues as well. If you suffer from anxiety, depression or even low self esteem, then exercise can do wonders for you. Boost your confidence and be the best you can be. It will do wonders for the way you feel about yourself. In turn this will change not only what is outside but how you feel on the inside as well as improving your mental health.

4. Live longer

Leading a healthy lifestyle is more than just about the now. It has an influence on the future as well. Think about how your lifestyle may seriously affect your long term health. Poor diet and not enough exercise can lead to serious conditions such as diabetes and cancer and other health issues. The sooner you start living as the new you the less likely it is that you will develop any illness associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

5. Live life to the fullest!

Do not let the old you hold you back from doing everything you ever wanted! You only live once, so make this life a good one. Eat right, exercise, stay healthy and you will never have any regrets. The healthier you are, the longer you can expect to enjoy this life too.

So get yourself out of this rut. You may have dropped the ball over winter, but the time to change is now! Make the change and I can assure you that you will feel all the better for it. Start your exercising regime as soon as you can and start living every day to the fullest. The last thing you want is to be in the same position and procrastinating this time next year. There is no time like the present.