The top 5 ways exercise can save your life!

The top 5 ways exercise can save your life!

It is no secret that exercise will keep you healthier for longer in more ways than one. But what are the ways that regular exercise can actually save your life or overcome serious health issues? Let’s explore the top 5 ways in which exercise can lead to a longer and healthier life.

1. Reduce your chance for disease

Regular exercise can ward off so many often terminal diseases and conditions that are becoming more common in this day and age. Risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes is significantly reduced when you lead a healthy, active lifestyle. It can reduce your blood pressure and obesity significantly and these are two factors impact on your chance of contracting these sometimes life threatening conditions.

2. Minimise stresses

Stress is a huge factor in our well-being. Certain triggers can set off your stress such as work, family or even something important to you in your every day life. One way in which you can significantly reduce the impact of stress on your life is through regular exercise. Taking part in physical activity increases the amount of endorphins in your body, the chemical responsible for a positive outlook among other things. In turn, it can act as a stress reliever and reduce the possibility of conditions which can effect your overall mental health as well.

3. Ward off depression

As mentioned earlier, exercise is a great way to minimise stress, but it is also quite important for our mental health too. There is a reduced chance of depression and other mental illnesses that come along with a healthy body. If you have struggled with depression or anxiety in the past then making it a priority to participate in regular or even daily exercise you will soon find that your mental health will improve drastically.

4. Improves your sleep

Along with being more relaxed and reducing stress, a good nights sleep goes hand in hand. It triggers a rise in your core body temperature and the post-exercise cool down promotes sleep due to the drop in the body temperature. If you have suffered from insomnia, then regular exercise may just be the key!

5. Keep a healthy mind

On top of the benefits physical activity can have on your mental health, it can also strengthen your mind in a number of ways. It assists with efficient brain function all round, in terms of memory and significantly reduces the chance of developing dementia or alzheimers as you age. Make it an investment in your future state of mind and begin your fitness journey today.

There are many ways in which exercise has a positive benefit on your short and longterm health. It has an impact on your physical and mental health so much so that lack of regular exercise can result in serious health issues in your future. Get up and get active to reduce your risks today!