The top 5 reasons to ditch the sad scales

The top 5 reasons to ditch the sad scales

When we are trying to lose weight, stepping up on the scales becomes part of your routine. It is so easy to see how much weight we are losing (or gaining).

Though it is important you track your progress, the scales may not be the best way to measure how you are going. So read my top 5 reasons why you may want to throw out the sad scales.

1. Muscle gains may outweigh fat loss

Once you start training, especially weight training, you will be building up lean muscle. You may in fact be losing fat but gaining muscle so your weight stays about the same (or you may even be putting on an extra kilo or two). So if your goal is to lose weight, it can be very frustrating if the scales don’t budge. But if you are increasing lean muscles and burning fat, this is great news and not something to be concerned about at all.

2. The scales can be wrong!

The number you see on your scales may not be the right one. There are many reasons the scales can give a misleading number such as your menstrual cycle, what you eat (so if you must weigh yourself every day, do it first thing in the morning before you eat anything), how hydrated you are, even the waste you are carrying (a bit icky but true). Plus our weight often fluctuates day to day so the number you see on the scales may be misleading.

3. It can be depressing

I have seen this at the gym almost every day, a person does an intense training session and straight after they hop onto the scales. Nine times out of ten, I see that look of disappointment on their face as they haven’t lost as much weight as they thought they should.

It is all too easy to get obsessed about our weight and get on the scales every hour of the day. This is not healthy or good for your state of mind. So if you are prone to getting down after stepping up on the scales, it may be time to banish them for good.

4. Go by what you see and feel

Your weight will fluctuate and different scales may give you different results but what is consistent is you. So that is the best way to track your weight loss. Take before and after shots after a few months – you may be surprised at the difference.

Another suggestion is to go by your clothes. We all have those jeans or pants that are a little tight around the hips, bum or tummy. After a few months, try them on again and check the fit – if they feel looser, then you are definitely losing body fat. The scales may lie but your clothes don’t.

5. The scales don’t tell you everything

The scales only tell a very small part of the story – they don’t measure your fat levels, fitness, energy, strength, confidence or happiness. So take it from me, throw away the sad scales and instead go by how you look, feel and how your clothes fit.