The top 5 tips to drink alcohol and still lose weight

The top 5 tips to drink alcohol and still lose weight

This one of the most common questions I am asked – can you continue to lose weight and still drink alcohol?

Well the good news is that you can but you just have to be a bit careful. Alcohol is just empty calories and is second to fat in the calorie stakes, so it is can really sabotage your weight loss plans.

So to help you enjoy a wine, beer or cocktail, here are my top 5 tips to enjoying a drink and still lose weight.

1. Savour it

Alcohol is a treat, which means you enjoy it now and then. It should not be something you have every day or worse, guzzle down and have no memory of afterwards! Take the time to drink slowly or enjoy with a meal that it compliments. I suggest you choose a small glass of a quality drop and truly savour every sip.

2. Water water everywhere

This tip I swear by, for every alcoholic glass you have, alternate it with a glass of sparkling or still water. Not only will this make you feel more full, keep you hydrated and slow down your drinking, but you won’t have that hideous hangover the next day.

3. Don’t go hungry

Drinking on an empty stomach is not a good move. We absorb alcohol via our stomach and small intestine through diffusion and it’s all done very quickly. Ensure you eat a well balanced meal either beforehand or with your alcohol to help slow down the process. And make sure you pace yourself.

4. Eat a nutritious meal with your alcohol

It is so tempting to have a bag of chips with that beer but the two together are a potent combination when it comes to weight loss. There is something about salty and fatty foods and alcohol which goes so well together but resist the temptation. If you are drinking, make sure you are smart with your food choice and have something which is low in fat, nutritious and super healthy.

5. Do an extra workout

If you do over indulge (and it happens to the best of us), try and squeeze in an extra training session or two in the week to make up for it.

Or better yet if you think you are in for a big night, book in a training session or agree to train with a friend first thing the next day. This will make you more accountable and motivate you to have an early night.

Just remember, don’t make drinking a regular affair (have 4 to 5 alcohol free days a week), enjoy the odd glass with a nutritious meal and always drink responsibly.